Statement 12 01 24

In light of recent and recurring incidents at Brunton Park the CUOSC Board want to appeal to all Carlisle United fans to assist in putting a stop to antisocial behaviour at matches.

Unfortunately, whilst these incidents may only be the actions of a few individuals, behaviour like this paints the club and ALL fans in a far from favourable light. At this time of great change under the new regime at Brunton Park there are so many positives around the club right now, yet we are constantly being dragged back into the mud by a small minority of people, who appear unable to behave themselves properly in one way or another.

We need to make Brunton Park a safe environment for everyone to watch and play football. This is not to say we don’t support the team and make it an uncomfortable place for opposing teams to visit, but there is a line, which has most definitely been crossed on a number of occasions.

The club outlay a significant amount on policing and stewarding, but this seemingly is not sufficient. We as supporters need to take action ourselves to assist in eradicating incidents of antisocial and dangerous behaviour.

There are many ways in which inappropriate behaviour can be reported and action can be taken:

  • Speak to a steward, police officer or club representative at the game.
  • Contact the Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO) anonymously by call or text on 07891779015.
  • Email one of the following:

We would urge anyone to come forward, at the time if possible, so that antisocial behaviour can be dealt with as soon as possible and the relevant sanctions taken against the individuals involved. CUOSC will fully support the club in dealing with anyone found to be involved in such behaviour in the strongest manner available to them.

There are three final points to ponder in relation to this request.

Firstly, as Connor Ripley alluded to in his social media post following the Port Vale game, you have no idea what someone is going through and what a remark like that could do to them if they are in a fragile situation.

Secondly, word travels fast in this modern age of social media. Carlisle United, as a football club, are constantly recruiting new staff, especially players. We all want the best footballers available to play for Carlisle United. Recruitment proves difficult enough without adding another barrier. If it is a close-run thing between signing for Carlisle United and going elsewhere, perhaps not wanting to represent fans who behave in this manner may just put a thumb on the scale.

Finally, some basic maths. Fines for Poor Behaviour + Fines for Pyrotechnics + Increased Policing/Stewarding costs = Less money to spend on players and improving the club.

There has been some brilliant work done by our fans over the last couple of seasons, especially the Warwick Road End Group, to make going to games at Brunton Park a better experience – let’s not allow a few idiots to spoil that.

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