Board Meeting Summary – February 2024

Held at Upperby CDC and online, 15.02.2024

Attendance – Dan MacLennan (Chair), Claire Winder (Vice-Chair), Alastair Woodcock (Secretary), Chris Armstrong, Billy Atkinson, Kieron Bulman, Mike Denovellis, Dave Noble, Ross Parkinson, Martin Robson

Apologies – Matt Spooner

Dave, filling in for Matt, gave a report on latest boardroom news. 1921 Board meetings are being held every quarter, so the next one will be in April. Progress was being made on the search for a new training facility and we were hopeful of an update soon.

CUOSC’s role was again discussed, as it had been recently with club officials. A questionnaire about the organisation, it’s role, name and branding was being prepared to go out to members soon.

Georgie Kelly was being sponsored by CUOSC following his signing and the departure last month of Ryan Edmondson.

We were now using Twitter blue to improve our communications on that platform.

Membership stood at 1320 with £8040 in the bank.

Two members and their guests had now attended games via the boardroom and director’s box. We were gathering feedback about the experience so as to improve it for future draw winners.

Online FSA training for new board members was due to take place next month.

Next meeting: March 13

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