We Are REUnited

Carlisle REUnited banner

Why the campaign is important to the Club and community. A story told in words and pictures – with the support of fans, former players and managers.

Play YOUR part by visiting the campaign page today – and by playing and sponsoring a famous old CUFC song.

“Imagine what we could do, if we were all to reunite?”
“We should all try and do our bit for the Club”
“I’ve played my part in Carlisle United history. Now it’s your turn.”
“As a fan myself, I’m happy to support it too.”
“It’s a great campaign… Next season hopefully, they’ve got some extra money.”
“Fans are incredibly important to any football club…”
“Anything you can do to help financially then I know that’s going to be a huge help to the club…”
“Let’s re-connect, re-focus and re-energise the club during this spell …”
“If you can afford to support the club in any way… it will help sustain the club…”
“It’s that spirit we need now at Carlisle United”